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Welcome to Kalmykia

We offer you four illuminating pieces on Kalmykia and its colorful inhabitants. 

Window on Kalmykia

This information packed article includes photos, history, politics, culture, religion, and statistics.

Steppe by Steppe with Boris

Thomas Rees had heard of an astonishing marathon horse race that takes place every year in far away Kalmykia, beyond the Caucasus.  It is the high point of the Kalmykians' festival celebrating their origins as Mongol nomads.  Rees had been a jockey once: supposing he could take part, just supposing...This is a humorous tale that will take the reader through a 55-mile race on a reluctant horse named Boris.  It is an easy way to learn about the land, its people and its steeds.  At the end, you may want to add this race to your “To Do Just Once” list...or...maybe not.

A Visit to the Yurts in Godschur

            Jan Scheerder’s first hand tale of a day with the welcoming Yurts.  Find out about their salty butter tea and throat singers. 

David Kugultinov is a world-renown Kalmyk poet

            Sample of his poetry




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