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About Russian Missions > Stories of Hope

Hope replaces despair. Joy rises above sorrow!

Russia , there is still much about this long-suffering country that would make you weep. If you want to know the truth, go behind the main streets, into the backyards. Beyond the island that is Moscow , poverty deepens. The outskirts of Moscow , might as well be on another planet.

During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ showed special compassion for children (see Mark 10:13 -16). In the ministry of Russian Missions, we strive to follow His example. Russian children struggle for survival against poverty, hunger, violence, sickness, and abuse. Our projects are designed to help needy children and their families with food, clothing, shelter-and most important of all, an opportunity to know Jesus Christ.

One of Russian Missions newest church plants ( New Horizon Church ) is in Ryazan which is about 180 km southeast of Moscow . Ryazan is located on the Oka River . It's a common provincial Russian town-green, comfortable, quiet. Its main richness is its people (about 550,000). They are friendly, open-hearted, sincere, good-natured-trying to be modern while still holding onto old traditions. Some call Ryazan the "Soul of Russia."

Using indigenous missionaries, Russian Missions can get beyond traditional pokazukha (laying on a show to impress visitors). In Ryazan , our missionaries are keenly aware of the deep sense of hopelessness, especially within the young. These people are at risk. The best way to show love for Russia is by helping meet real needs through our ministries that touch and restore broken lives.

Pavel, our missionary, writes:

"On God's mercy, our ministry goes on here at New Horizon Church . We organized and carried out a holiday program for needy neighborhood children and their families on January 7(Russian Christmas). It included puppet ministry, drama teams (nativity story), poems, and contests. Glory to the Lord that He gives the desire to these children to come to our program. Thanks to your support, we were able to hand out small gifts and spiritual literature. Several children began to come to our Sunday School after the Christmas program. We trust that God will grow seeds that we try to sow into these children's souls and then have it extend into their families.

Each Sunday (after services), we are planning to open the church to the community to show Christian movies and cartoons. Praise the Lord we could buy a TV set. We need a video projector. We borrowed one from another church for the holidays, but we had to return it."

A seed of hope can produce an abundant harvest! Hope replaces despair. Joy rises above sorrow. About 60 children from non-Christian families have drawn closer to the Lord through this type of programming. Among them were orphans, children from problem families, needy families, and special needs students. Due to this work and the prayers of their children, some of their parents have started to regularly attend services in the church.

As long as God continues to open doors for ministry in Russia , Russian Missions continues working there to show the love of Jesus Christ. If God leads you to help Russian Missions, please contact the Churchville office at (215) 354-0929 or e-mail -



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