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Matryoshka Dolls

Russian Missions is proud to present our line of world famous Russian Matryoshka Dolls. One can see reflections of the soul of Russia - dignity and humility, power and expectations, innate sorrow and never-ending joy.

Part of Russian Missions' objectives is to assist with Russian economic revitalization. As such, we have hired Russian professional artists and craftsmen to recreate traditional hand-made nesting dolls. Some of our dolls are brightly painted, some are lacquered, and others are wood burned. The raw materials used in making the dolls are Lime logs, which are air dried for several years. Every piece passes through as many as 15 hand-turning operations.

Some Russian Nesting Doll Designs (See our online store for full details)

  • Traditional
  • Folk Tales [ The Fire Bird (Peter and the Wolf) and Princess Vassilissa, Little Snow Girl, Snow Maiden , etc.] each will have related story.
  • Christmas
  • Political (old and current)
  • New Text





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