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In many parts of Russia , it is very cold; however Russian people are very warm. Russia is a land of great history; composers and writers. It is a land of science and high academic standards.

Spiritually, Russia is a largely unevangelized land. The Russia people were not taught God for more than 70 years. After the Communist revolution, many generations of Russians were raised as atheists. There are hundreds of villages with populations as high as 35,000 people that have no church at all. Many people just did not have the chance to hear about Jesus.

The Russian people have lived through a lot during the last century: the Communist revolution, two World Wars, over 70 years of Communist ideology, oppression, labor camps, and scientific atheism.

Perhaps the most challenging time is right now! More than 70 years of atheism bore much fruit: immorality, crime, alcoholism, and corruption. Rev. Sasha reports, "The Russian people are trying to fill spiritual emptiness with alcohol, drugs and occultism. Who can help Russia ? Only Jesus!

There is a place for you in this ministry! We believe that God has called Christians everywhere to fulfill the Great Commission and to take the Gospel of Jesus to every part of the world.



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