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Ministries > Church Planting

Our purpose is, and has been, to plant churches and to equip them with enough materials, knowledge, and spiritual guidance so that they might be able to commit the word of God to other faithful Russian believers.

Since the beginning of our ministry, there have been several different periods: all characterized by new people to minister to, new locations, new laws to operate under, and new conditions in which to live.

Our ministry in each period has been varied to match the needs of that time.

God is presently manifesting His power among us. Many have been touched by the message of Jesus and healings have come out of Him. We have witnessed physical healings as well as deliverance from bondages of the past (i.e. spousal abuse, drug addiction, child abuse, etc.).

The Lord has been faithful to those who have been saved. Some have become disciples and missionaries themselves and helped Russian Missions plant a church in their hometown.



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