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Ministries > Drug Addiction & Military Outreach

Drug Addiction

  • Drug addition is a huge crisis in Russia. Around 4% of the population is considered addicted to some kind of narcotic.
  • Working with drug addicts enables us to work with their families at the same time. We aid families who are in despair and are looking for help for their loved ones.
  • When they find hope, these families see this as a miracle and they come to the Lord easily.
  • We have seen that this is one of the best ways for planting churches.

Military Outreach

Russian Missions is pleased to state that we have trained persons to assist the military with their spiritual quest. During the ongoing economic collapse, Russian military endured tremendous cuts in spending and the size of the military forces was dramatically decreased. Military personnel, like other citizens, began to seek spiritual answers to life's tribulations.

One of our experienced military missionaries has been part of Russia's super power military machine. He was raised without God and ready to give up his life for his country. A short time ago, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and presently he is ministering to other military personnel and assisting them in their spiritual search.







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