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Ministries > Single Parent Homes

Russian children are faced with many problems that affect them socially, economically as well as psychologically.

One easily identifiable problem is the increase in the number of children growing up without dual parental guidance.

Often fathers will leave their family because of alcohol or because of their own moral collapse. When this happens, mothers then have the dual responsibility to be the "bread winner" as well as parental figure. Good paying employment in Russia is scarce and for a women even more elusive.

These children have difficulties maturing as they have not had good role models to follow. Time and again they become victims of alcohol or drugs and the vicious cycle continues.

Russian Missions is trying to change that. We are pioneering a program of ministering to children from single-parent households.

Our missionaries are trained to be good parental mentors--not just to educate these children about the Bible--but to encourage and teach these children that with a profession (i.e. carpentry, computers, etc.) these children can go into the world and create a healthy, loving life for themselves and share the Good News of the Gospel.

Although in its infant stage itself, this ministry has already proven to be very fruitful.




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