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Ministries > Local Missionaries

Rather than send Americans abroad in the traditional manner, Russian Missions sends financial, managerial and educational assistance to indigenous Russian missionaries as well as selected local Christian leaders.

  • We seek out and evaluate native missionary operations
  • Assure they love the Lord and believe in His Word
  • That He is using them in effective ways
  • That they are honest and accountable in handling finances

Then, we make their work known to churches and individual Christians in American to encourage assistance (such as: financial support, prayer support, volunteer services, etc.).

If traditional mission boards tried to do the volume of work maintained by Russian Missions, they would need over $60,000 per year or $5,000 per month for each missionary. With our financial backing, indigenous missionaries can do the same work typically between $150 and $200 per month, though many don't get that much. Why?

  • "These missionaries are native citizens and their work can never be disrupted by the expiration or cancellation of visas. If wars or political instability develop, they stay on.
  • Many already know the language of the target people group. Others are adept at learning a sister language.
  • They already know the mores of the culture, having been brought up in it.
  • The native missionary eats and drinks the local food, a practice that often wipes out the typical American missionary.
  • The native missionaries essentially live at the same economic level as the people among who they minister to.




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